Pistol Fundamentals


  •  2.5 Hours Classroom, 5 Hours Live Fire 
  • 7 Hour Certificate for Concealed Carry
  • Concealed Handgun Permit Application Process
  • Firearm and Weapons Related Statutes
  • Universal Rules of Firearm Safety
  • Holster Characteristics
  • Common Carry Positions
  • Pistol Characteristics
  • Ammunition Characteristics
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

Dynamic Pistol Course

Dynamic Pistol (Action Pistol), USPSA, IDPA, Concealed Carry, EDC, Self Defense, 2A

  • 5 Hour Certificate of Training
  • Pistol Handling, Clearing, Loading, and Unloading
  • Fundamentals of Dynamic Marksmanship
  • Draw and Presentation
  • Immediate Action (Malfunctions)
  • One Hand Firing
  • Reloads
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Use of Cover/Barriers
  • Move and Shoot
  • Six (6) Scored Proficiency Evaluations

Dynamic Rifle course

Dynamic Rifle (Action Shooting), 3-Gun, Multi-Gun, Tactical, Practical Rifle, Self Defense, 2A

  • 8 Hour Certificate of Training
  • Rifle Handling, Clearing, Loading, and Unloading
  • Zero
  • Fundamentals of Dynamic Marksmanship
  • Immediate Action (Malfunctions)
  • Reloads
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Use of Cover/Barriers
  • Move and Shoot
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Five (5) Scored Proficiency Evaluations

Low Light Pistol Course


  • All executed in Low/Limited Light Conditions
  • Pros and Cons of Hand Held  v. Pistol Mounted
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Safety and Handling
  • One Hand Firing
  • Malfunctions
  • Draw
  • Reloads
  • Multi Target Engagement
  • Move and Shoot
  • Barriers
  • Moving Target
  • Scenario Based Drills
  • Home Defense v. Dark Alley

Tailored Training


  • Individuals or Organizations
  • Youth Safety
  • Home Defense Considerations
  • Self Defense Considerations
  • Situational Awareness
  • Mindset
  • Team Building Exercises and Competition
  • Tactical, Combat Oriented Marksmanship
  • Physical Fitness Integration
  • Specific Skill/Task Improvement



  •  Do I need a holster?  Yes! Every pistol course requires a functional, safe holster.  We suggest some type of kydex (Blade-Tech, Safariland, G-Code) and a fairly rigid belt.
  • Are your courses woman friendly?  Absolutely! "The gun is the great equalizer." Our performance based approach focuses on executing drills at your own skill level. Each person will be coached to perform the best they can with what they have.